Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walking on glass...

Well, I shattered a beer glass on Sunday and a wine glass today...what shall I shatter tomorrow?

In other news, here are a few things heard in the Kubo' household lately that cracked me up:

D--You are secretly witty.
B--I wish I was less PC in public.

After having a debate over mere semantics regarding something ridiculous:
B--I just wanted to make you work for it.
D--I wonder how many people know how much of an instigator you are...
B--Kari knows.

D--In yoga today I totally rocked the crow.
B--There are crows and dogs in yoga, what about a cat or a frog?
D--Ya, there's a cat and a frog pose.  And a dolphin too.
B--What about a squirrel? *brings hands up to face as if eating an acorn, darts eyes around*
D--Nope, no squirrel...

My ridiculous husband is seriously entertaining.

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