Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Done deal.

Yes, it's been eons since I've logged into my blog to update on the project I finished about a month ago (you can read about the project's process in my previous post)...I've been busy being social and enjoying summer (and, let's be real: basking in laziness.) 

But, here it is, the final look at our painted dresser.  An upcoming project on the list is decorating our bedroom. Right now there is a total of one decoration in the entire room. Unbelievable. Why do I prefer all of my lovely decor sitting in boxes in our office? We may never know.

Of the two photos, this is most definitely the truer color for the wall and the dresser.

My favorite part is the stenciling because it's so understated, like the dresser has a secret.

Oh! And here's a little peek at the wedding gift my husband and I made for his sister and her hubby! My hubs made this from wood in the old Millwork District that is currently being converted into loft apartments.  This wood is old and beautiful with tons of character and it was really fun to work with! He did all the hard stuff while I flitted in and out, holding random tools and boards and things--at least until it was finished structurally.  Then I was the sanding and staining and varnishing queen. 

Good thing this was a gift, what an awkward place for a table.

We're hoping there will be "more where that came from" and we'll be starting up a few more projects soon!  There's really something about working with your hands that is just good for the soul.  Maybe it's being able to tangibly see a project progress steadily: the work I put in comes out in a thing, looking fabulous, sometimes where nothing but a pile of wood (or beads, or yarn, or paper) stood before.  It has been quite refreshing to remember how much I like that feeling of tangible progress. Onward to the next crafty DIY adventure!

In Joy,

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