Monday, April 8, 2013

Life will surely change.

Baby K will make it's entrance into this wonderful world in less than two weeks.  At least I'm hoping it's less than two weeks, as our due date is this Saturday!

I'm beginning to receive the sweetest texts and phone calls from family and friends.  One such text was received this morning from my Gramps:
"And how is our Sweet Pea doing today? a little resless maybe?"

Nope.  Sweet Pea is definitely still sitting pretty...(the nickname was given by Gram because it's the official flower of April--isn't it amazing how much this little human is loved already?!) 

The excitement and support we've received from everyone has been overwhelming in the best way possible.  Everyone's questions lately typically go like this:
Them: "How are you feeling?"
Me: "Fabulous--I could forget that I'm pregnant sometimes!"
Them: "Are you getting excited?"
Me: "Absolutely!  We can't wait to meet this little person and cuddle on the outside."
Them: "Is the room ready?"
Me: "Nope, but our hearts are.  And I'm told babies live even when their nursery isn't adequately decorated."

It's really funny because despite my type-A-ness, I've really been able to give up a lot of anxiety about bringing this baby into the world in the last couple months.  This probably has to do with the large amount of praying I did...pleading, really...asking God to pretty-please take away all of the anxiety I was feeling about labor and delivery and what life looked like post-baby.  Oh, my prayers were most definitely answered and along with that anxiety went a lot of my perfectionism and over-achieving qualities.  Although this feels a bit bizarre to me--Praise the Lord!  I hope that the feelings of peace and calm stay with me in my first few months as a momma. :)

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