Monday, March 3, 2014

There's always next time?...

I was really trying to be successful at 7 posts, 7 days. But in the end you win some and lose some, right? This weekend ended up being low-key but filled with visitors and friends, which was wonderful!

We absolutely love hosting at our home. Whether it's game night with friends, a spontaneous drop-in from Fr. Alan, or weekends with family, it is when there are shoes by the front door and the couches are full that our home feels most alive.

This weekend was especially fun because on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons Brandon's family was here to keep us company.

We celebrated a few birthdays by eating cake with the richest/sweetest frosting ever.

So...maybe I only finished 5/7 posts. But the way I see it, I was able to blog way more than usual this week and I was also able to spend time with important people in our lives.  And that's a win.

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