Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why I love my job.

Although I worked 9-5 and then kept working all the way until 11pm.
Even though I was gone from Thursday to Sunday with students at NACA.
I didn't actually get home on Monday until 9pm.

And I love my job.

Today part of my job was being present at a fundraiser where 6 excited students held an event that was attended by at least 60 students and raised over $300.
Today part of my job was laying out 5,000 prize-filled eggs on the football field and letting 375 students run and grab as many as they could when the lights went out.
Today part of my job was preparing for a program that could change the way students think about themselves and the world they live in (for the better!).
Today part of my job was being stalked by a student in a bunny suit.
Today part of my job was seeing the look on student's faces when they know the event they put tons of work into was worth it; that it was a job well done.

Bliss is doing what you love and loving what you do.  It is working 13 hour days, and living for the 13 second moments when students are proud of themselves and hopeful for our future.

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