Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Favorites (vol. 7): Photos!

So it's been quite the while since I've written a post, which has been pretty accidental.  It's like my computer knows it's been awhile and is rusty because my "q" key just got stuck. Anyways, there's been lots o' fun things happening around here and we've had the perfect balance of busy and free time. Lately I've been busy writing about 12 posts in my head and then not quite remembering what I wanted to say, and so these thoughts never make it to the keys. But there's a lot to reflect on when you watch a little one take in the world for the first time. He's figuring out how to interact with his surroundings and it's incredible to guess what he's learning by reading his little expressions.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few weeks, to give a glimpse at what's going on in our world:

My sister is engaged! SO excited for them as they look towards their lives together. They got engaged about two weeks ago and already have a date and the church and reception hall booked. woah. Let wedding planning commence!


My first niece arrived on Saturday! SO excited for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law on their little bundle of joy--Isabella (Ella) Therese! She is adorable, has the cutest head of black hair, and the sweetest little ears.  Ella made me an aunt and I'd have to say that so far it's pretty wonderful.


This wreath also arrived on Saturday. Okay, so I bought the materials and made it and put it there...but that still counts, right? I was feeling pretty crafty and saw a link to this wreath on Pinterest, claiming it was the "easiest wreath you will ever make." I'm all for I gave it a whirl! And, yes, I do agree that it probably could not have gotten much easier.


You'll never guess what else happened on Saturday (it was such a crazy day!)...we visited Brandon's Alma mater for Homecoming and his five year reunion. It was really a lot of fun to see so many friends and Silas was very well behaved and smiley for the most part. 


On Sunday we headed to my parents house for a wedding. The fam hadn't seen Silas in almost two months, so he was showing off his sitting skills and chuckling quite a bite. He took a lot of interest in Hobo the dog, and boy was Hobo interested in him! Although it was such a quick trip, it was soo nice to see my parents, sister, and grandparents again (although we really missed you Tori!)


  1. Nice job on the wreath. Yay for family time!

  2. Neat wreath! Love the pics. Looks like you're having a busy fall. Enjoy it!


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