Saturday, October 19, 2013

Silas James at 6 months


Today you are 6 months old. You've almost tripled in weight, and I'm sure my heart has grown at least five times in size for you since we first met. It's hard to remember how little you were on the day you were born, and sometimes I forget that even now you are so little after carrying you around all day.

You are such a cuddlebug and are usually most content in someone's arms. You've begun giving Daddy and I "hugs and kisses," which really means you reach all the way around my neck with both hands, grab onto my skin and pull as hard as you can, while simultaneously opening your mouth wide and licking my cheek.

Sometimes you fight sleep when you should be napping. I turn off the lights and nurse you and rock you. And when that doesn't work, I put my lips on the skin next to your ear and make a "sshh-ing" sound while bouncing around the room or rocking in the chair, and you calm down. This may sound terrible, but the little fussy face you make is just so.darn.cute and I hope I never forget how you scrunch up your nose and eyes in an expression of frustration and let out a little complaint. Life can be so hard for babies.

You are really getting the hang of sitting on your own. You lose your balance and fall flat on your face sometimes, but you don't cry--you just chuckle. Quite the tough guy already. We build you towers out of nesting cups and you knock them down every single time, grabbing one of the colorful cups and bringing it straight to your mouth. Until another cup grabs your interest and you pick that one up instead.

You get the hiccups at least once a day and you sneeze even more. 99% of the time you laugh right after you sneeze, as though it's the most delightful feeling in the world.

Diaper changes also delight you and you just can't wait to stick those toes of yours in your mouth. You smile and giggle, especially when we blow raspberries on your tummy and neck. We’re met with the softest, squishiest skin! You've always been a wiggle-worm, but in the last month you really like to show your stuff when it's time for a wardrobe or diaper change. And you just love bathtime! No longer do you just look at us calmly while we wash you. Now you’re turning and grabbing the faucet and the sprayer, putting your face in the water as you attempt to suck on your toes, and grabbing onto the cup as we pour water over your head.

Daddy and I just watch you in awe. It's incredible to see the little personality you’re already developing and we find so much joy in you, laughing at every single thing you do. We get such a kick out of the blank, stoic stare you give us sometimes and we love to watch you sleep peacefully. We have so many nicknames for you and will frequently call you Si guy, Little Man, Mr. Man, and lovebug.

It's always hard to imagine the future, but after having you in my life for just 6 months, I am so curious to see what it holds for you. What kind of foods will you love? What will pique your curiosity? What will you find joy in? And what will define your childhood when you look back on it as an adult? 

You’ve brought joy to our lives and we thank God everyday for the wonderful little child we are blessed to care for.




  1. Omg!! This is so precious. I now know that you are beginning to understand the depth of love I have for you!!

  2. Your lovebug is perfect, so cute and strong.
    Delighted by diaper changing? Now that's perfection too, all the babies I know (including mine) hate that.

    1. Thank you!! He really is so fun and I love getting to know his little personality. :)

    2. Thank you!! He really is so fun and I love getting to know his little personality. :)


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