Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol. 1!)

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for 7 quick takes (although I'm a little late, as it's supposed to be 7QT Friday!)

1-- I never thought I could love interrupted showers so much.  On the weekends when the hubs is home, I don't have to have the baby monitor sitting on the toilet and peek at it between washing and conditioning and loofaing and shaving.  I also never have to jump out mid-shower and run to the crib to put in the pacifier so that I buy enough time to wash the conditioner out of my hair and hope that the suds from the shampoo cleaned off my body enough.  My shower lasted at least 7 minutes, I was able to blow dry my hair, and Brandon soothed Silas to sleep when he had is mid-morning fighting off sleep fussy time.

2--Silas attended his first wedding yesterday and was such a little gentleman.  He fussed a little bit towards the end of mass to let me know that he'd rather me be standing and bouncing, but was absolutely content once that happened.  He also let multiple people pass him around and touch him and goo-goo, gah-gah at him.
Both of my boys ready for the wedding in their white collared shirts.

3--We were standing chatting with some friends during cocktail hour.  An older woman then came up to me holding Silas and said, "Oh my goodness--he is just so pretty.  I could have thought he was a little girl with his big eyes and long eyelashes and perfect little lips! (Makes a squishy, gushy face at Silas) You are just so pretty!"  I said "thank you." What else do you say to a comment like that?!  I know she was trying to be complimentary, but really I just felt a little bit weird.

4-- Ever overhear bathroom stall talk?  And you feel awkward listening to an entire conversation between two other people, but you're in the next stall over and you just can't help it?

Old Woman #1: It's getting so cold in there!
Old Woman #2: Yes, I thought so! But maybe we're just getting old.
OW #1: Oh forheavenssake, my door just opened.  (louder) If someone walks by could you just close my door?...Oh, who cares, everyone has a rear end! I don't care.

Oh, to be old and carefree about who sees your rear end.

5-- I've decided to take on Jen's challenge to blog every day this week.  I've really wanted to be writing more, both because I love to write and it helps me have an "adult" way of expressing myself when my days are so baby-focused.

6--This week (7/21-7/27) is National NFP Awareness Week: "Pro-woman, Pro-man, Pro-child."  Check out the USCCB website for more info.  Planning on posting our "story" later on this week.

7-- Little man hit the 3 month mark on Friday.  What a privilege it has been to be momma to this little guy!

That's it for this beautiful Sunday!  Check back this week as I accept the challenge of posting everyday for 7 days!



  1. I guess we'll see you tomorrow then!

  2. He's such a cutie! But that "girl" comment is SUPER awkward... I think the lashes always get everyone, people used to think our first was a girl because his lashes were so long. But they always thought our girls were boys because they're bald!

  3. I wish I could have taken a picture of her dramatically scrunched up face when she was saying it, too! Your girls are so stinking cute--bald or not! :)


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