Sunday, July 28, 2013

When 6=7.

Have you ever read a blog post out-loud to someone else?  Have you ever had one of your posts read out-loud to you?  I endured both today as my silly family requested me to read a post using the same inflections that I used in my thoughts when writing it.  Then my sister wanted to read a post to me in the way she "hears" them when she reads.  It's really quite a different experience to have a live audience, an instant response to things I wrote, actually hearing them laugh and seeing them smile.  It was encouraging and humbling, and I actually encourage everyone who writes anything to try this out sometime.  Maybe having a "live audience" would be a good way to proofread/edit any writing you've done.

Today ends my 7 posts in 7 days with Jen over at Conversion Diary, which actually ended up as 6 posts in 7 days.  There were a few other bloggers who admittedly had much busier days than my Friday and still managed to get a post you I say "Bravo!" and to me I say "Better Luck Next Time!"

You just can't win them all right?  Except I never used to accept that as an answer.  It seems as though my perfectionist tendencies have been digressing in the last year or so, and I'm not really sure if that's a good or bad thing.  Probably good for my sanity, bad for my productivity.  If you would have asked me 3 years ago if I was okay with not meeting a deadline or someone's expectations, I would have told you absolutely not--especially if it was something I had "challenged" myself to. Perhaps I've chilled out a little bit.  I do think I look at life's troubles a little bit more in the correct realm of reality now.  And so I'm accepting the fact that, for me, 6 posts in 7 days is just going to have to be good enough.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. (and wishing Jennie a very Happy Wedding Week!!)


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  1. Balance is Always a good thing!! Perfection should be left to the Lord.


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