Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My husband, the complimenter.

Post-baby I've been feeling a little bit like I have nothing to wear.  Now, this is probably not all that true. The nugget of truth is that my body has just shifted a little bit, and so things I used to feel great in really don't do it for me anymore.  Also, I need to make sure everything I wear is nursing friendly (I never thought I'd ever be wondering if a particular shirt allowed me to get my boobs out quickly enough!)

So I took advantage of a sale going on at Old Navy and a rewards card I had.  We don't have an ON in town anymore, so I treated myself to a little bit of online shopping one afternoon.  About a week later, 10 different shirts (for just around $50--can you believe it?!) showed up on my doorstep.

So, of course, I've been wearing said shirts for the last few days.

It's Friday afternoon. Danielle greets Brandon as he gets home from work.  She is wearing a black maxi skirt and blue-and-white striped shirt.
Brandon: Hi darling! You like nice today.
Danielle: Aww, thank you.
B: You almost look like someone from the Sound of Music.
D: ...
B: Like you're ready for the Swiss Alps!
D: that a good thing?
B: Ya, definitely!

Um, okay, so my husband has a strange affinity for the Sound of Music??

But wait. He continues with more compliments just days later.

It's now Monday afternoon, and again Brandon returns home from work.  Danielle is at the top of the stairs as Brandon enters the house, wearing jeans and a button-up shirt of a brightly colored plaid pattern.  It happens to be tied at the bottom because it was easier than ironing the wrinkles out of that spot, with a pink tank top peeking out of the bottom.

B: *excitedly* You look like you belong on that Beverly Hillbillies show!
D:*raises eyebrows*
B: Or kinda like Daisy Duke. Only without the short-shorts.
D: Is this a compliment?
B: Ya! They only pick good looking girls for those roles.
D:...Thank you...?

Now, I do appreciate how blessed I am to have a husband who gives many (very honest) compliments. After long days of being spit up on and hanging out on the floor, it's nice to hear that he still finds me attractive.  His comparisons, though, are quite unique, dontcha think?


(I'm writing everyday this week thanks to encouragement from Jen. Check her page out to see others who are taking up the challenge!) 

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