Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five Favorites (vol. 11)

Just like many women, I use a plethora of products to beautify myself...but rarely do I talk about them. Today I'm coming out of the dark and sharing my five favorite, tried-and-true beauty products:

Would you like to witness a miracle? Use this mineral veil after applying the rest of your makeup. It makes your face look flawless and keeps your makeup in place all day. I learned about this stuff when I was 17 and have since received it every year for Christmas from my mom. In high school and college I was never a foundation wearer--sometimes I would wear tinted moisturizer, but that was it! For my wedding day I bought the BareMinerals Foundation (in Fairly Light for this very pale girl!) and liked it so much that I've used it almost every day since. The mineral veil is $20, and that may seem like a lot, but I promise it always lasts me right around a year (and then Christmas comes around and what do I receive!?...)

Let's just say I've been around the block with many a mascara, always searching for the right one. I tried out Full 'N Soft per Grace's suggestion and oh my sweet goodness gracious I really like it. This stuff stays on but doesn't get flaky and makes my lashes look longer and fuller without feeling heavy and clumpy. Cha-ching!

For the nights when you know you really should wash off your makeup, but you really don't feel like it (otherwise known as 23/24 nights over here.) These are the best. Pre-moistened but not drippy, they make my face feel tingly clean but not dried out and can even take off waterproof mascara in a cinch! I once bought some generic brand because I'm frugal and a sucker for a good sale...for the following 50 days my face wasn't quite so happy and I was wishing I had spent the extra $.30. SO worth it.

I have used this eyeliner literally since I began wearing eyeliner because it's what my mom uses too (thanks Mom!) I've always worn it in Espresso because black eyeliner just seemed like I really wanted to be goth or something. What I love about this is what you don't have to do: you don't have to use a sharpener, you don't have to press hard, and you don't have to find a sponge because there's one attached! It goes on nice and smooth and doesn't smudge. Winning!

So I'm sure this must be cheating or something because I've already talked about LPAD in a previous Five Favs but I just wouldn't be able to face the mirror if I left this off of my favorite beauty products post...I love it for every season and there's no convincing me that another color will ever take it's spot in my heart.

Do you have any beauty fav's I should know about? I'm pretty susceptible to trying new products and would love to add something to my ever-present Target list!

Today's post is killing birds with stone: Number 3 for 7 posts, 7 days hosted by Jen and an addition to my favorite link-up hosted by Hallie

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