Friday, August 23, 2013

What's for Dinner?

7 Quickity-Quick Takes on this last weekday for 2 whole days.

My grandpa is in the ICU currently recovering from quadruple bypass open heart surgery on Tuesday. Things are going a little bit rough right now.  I feel as though I've been in a constant state of prayer for a few days.  Would you join me in lifting up the most delightful, friendly, wonderful man you'll ever meet?  My family greatly appreciates it :)

Your house always gets a nice little once-over when you're having guests, doesn't it?  We love having people over, mostly for the interesting conversations and hilarious stories...but tidying up pre-guests doesn't hurt either.

Does anyone else ever always make a meal for the first time when they're having guests? It's a pretty risky endeavor, as whatever recipe I follow could end up being the worst ever and I could potentially poison everyone, or at least gag them over an awful meal.  But google hasn't led my astray thus far so I guess I'll continue to play "Recipe Roulette" until I can tell everyone is lying through their teeth and actually hate whatever is put in front of them.

Tonight's dinner is simmering delightfully in the crock pot, emitting smells of wonderfulness.  I followed this recipe entitled "To Die for Crock Pot Roast."  Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have made something with death in the title for the first time to feed to people I have yet to meet...

I also made Raspberry Pretzel Jello for dessert.  Natasha's blog post sure made it look easy and delicious. The making part was true, I'm hoping the eating part is as well.

I am uber impressed with food bloggers ability to take so many pictures as they are cooking/baking food. And each step looks more beautiful than the last! What I want to know is their process of taking pictures and posting them...I need someone awesome to have a similar step-by-step post that reveals the process of what device they use to capture said photos, how they set up the lighting, do they send the photos to themselves or use a cord to grab the photos, is there a host site involved....Because my process of posting photos to this blog is 32 steps too long and there's got to be another way! oh, the drama.

"It's what's for dinner."
"...and dessert..."

You see, I'll do the whole picture thing, it just adds 10 minutes to my life.

Now you know what we're eating tonight.  Which I believe means I can link up to lil ol' Clan Donaldson (even though it was theme Thursday.  Friday's the new Thursday though, right?)

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  1. Love your blog, Danielle, Silas is adorable and I love reading about him :)

    To make pictures easier (if you take them on your phone), download the Google+ app on your phone and set the photo back-up to "on." Then it will automatically sync to Blogger. When you click on the add picture button, click on the phone option on the left and you should see your pictures.

    Happy blogging!

    Amy Cohen

    PS If you need any cooking ideas...

    1. You. are. awesome!

      Seriously. But I already knew that. Nice to hear from you! :)

      Oh, and I always need cooking ideas. I look up recipes on google on the day guests are coming for dinner forheavenssake.


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