Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Redecorating, reading, other randoms

Joining Jen and all of the others who are quick takin' this week.

We have a little man on the brink of moving! He can crawl about a yard at a time before he retreats back to his booty or attempts to stand up, which really means he gets up in a downward dog-esque position before plopping back down to the floor. It's really fun to watch him explore and interact with the world around him. I see things in a little bit different way, through his eyes. I also realize the baby-proofing which needs to be done, stat.

Oh, and please excuse the grainy, snapchat downloaded photo and focus on the cute smile. kthanks.

Taking down Christmas decor proved to be the perfect time to get our living room Silas-ready. As we got our "normal" decorations back out, we also installed a few shelves on the wall to hold some of them. The great shelf debate commenced, a friendly yet time-consuming discussion regarding the placement of said shelves. We even had our brother-in-law and Brandon's sister weigh in, which proved quite helpful. Anyways, here they are in all of their holding things and making the room a bit cozier glory.

During Advent and Christmas we have an window that I painted "O come let us adore Him" on our mantel.

While putting it away about two weeks ago, we decided we wanted another window to go in it's place for the rest of the year and off we went to this really neat Antiques and Salvage store--only to find out that it had moved from downtown in the city we live to another city about 30 minutes away! So what did we do last weekend? Out for a little bit of a Saturday adventure!

I've bought a wooden letter "K" which I'm going to paint grey and hang from our new-old window with red ribbon. Because what's cuter than infusing little personal touches like the first letter of your last name around the house? Or something.

I really love reading and want to foster a love for books in Silas, so we read together quite often. On a typical day we go through 10-12 books, about half of our total stash, and he will look at the pages and mimic my pointing and remain pretty happy doing so for a good 15 minutes at a time.
Pretty sure we need some new books, though, because I find myself laying in bed with lines from them replaying over and over and over in my brain.

"It's time to sleep little bee, little bee. Yes, I love you and you love me."
"The sun has set not long ago, now everybody goes below."
"Quack says the duck. The horse says neigh. It's quiet now, what do you say?"
"Try out the jump rope. Slide down the slide."

All the good vibes in the world to the person who can name the titles of the books above from memory. I'm sure they go to fellow moms of little ones out there. Are there any specific board books or children's authors you suggest as I look to increase our library?

When your husbands suggests that you should get a manicure, pedicure, and massage, you take his advice and you don't ask questions.

I wonder what I'll remember when I look back upon these first months of being a mom. We really hope that we're blessed with (many) more children and so (hopefully) many more years of being a mom to little ones. I've been realizing how precious this time I have with just one baby is and also how simple. If you would have asked me what I thought would be the lasting memories from high school or college would, the ones that come to mind over and over again, I don't think I would have predicted correctly. And so I just have to wonder what I'll remember from these "early" days. Hopefully it's his little giggle, how excited he is to hold onto our hands and walk around, how much I love when he rests his cheek on mine and falls asleep in my arms.

I've been starting most days with a chapter from "Saintly Solutions to Life's Common Problems" written by Fr. Esper (as seen on my instagram) and it has been SO fruitful. I must thank Lindsay for the suggestion. The little insights the saints provide us on how to approach loving the Lord and using struggles and difficulties to become closer to God is inspirational. I'm definitely reaping the benefits in my life, emotionally and spiritually.

Good mom/bad mom time: Is a bad mom move to set Silas on my lap and let him eat puffs while I'm typing so that he doesn't reach for the keys and try to share his own post? hmm. It sure doesn't work for long, that's for sure. Time to hang out with the little man and run some errands on this sunny Friday afternoon.

Join Jen for more quick takes!

Happy weekend,

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  1. Are you guys just reading board books or is Silas okay with paper pages? I'd get every single Margaret Wise Brown book you can find (although I kind of hate The Runaway Bunny but I think I'm the only one...) because her writing is sooooo soothing! The Color Kittens is my favorite.

    The kids have all really loved those "carry along" Catholic board books you can find at your local Catholic shop - they seem so unappealing to me because the pictures aren't brightly colored, but it's a great introduction to saints, Mass, religious stories, etc. Never hurts to get them learning to identify common saints early on ;)


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