Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Wait, it's Friday?

Oh my gosh, it's Friday again? Someone explain how this happened. Maybe if I rehash what happened this week, I'll remember how we got here.

Shall we?

Monday was a rough, rough day. I think I'd like to forget it happened at all and just pretend it was a normal, nothing new kinda day. Although I feel more patient for it and think I needed to go through a few good hours of ear-piercing baby noises to increase my tolerance. or something.

Tuesday, however, was pretty fantastical (what kind of day wouldn't be in comparison to it's predecessor?) Got to hang out with my Park Mamas, aka a lovely group of women who all also have babies under 2 and totally understand shrill screaming and teething and sleeping intermittently. C.S. Lewis got it right when he said: 

It's incredible how quickly i came to trust in them and benefit from their friendship. We are all way more than knee-deep, probably neck-deep, in going through and overcoming similar situations with our littles and it is wonderful to be part of this lovely little community.

This was the week of satin and chiffon and lace. I, along with my fashion coach, went to three different bridal boutiques this week. The fashion coach in question happens to be 9 months old and very into mirrors and all things sparkly, so basically he was thoroughly entertained. Who knew that boutiques provided the perfect setting for sensory play? We were accompanied by my lovely friend and bride-to-be and the hunt was on for a bridesmaid dress for yours truly and a wedding dress for the bride. By yesterday afternoon we had found success on all fronts! Her dress is absolutely stunning and if she was aiming to remind her fiance that he's the luckiest guy in the world as she floats down the aisle, she'll definitely achieve it. 
The bride-to-be at hand is kind enough to let her bridesmaids choose any dress from a particular line, as long as it's in this beautiful, rich purple color. This means we each get to pick something that fits our style and our body type, and we happen to get to order it in my favorite color. Well then, don't mind if I do! ;)

I got bit by a bug over the weekend...the crafty bug. At least it wasn't the travel bug because we really can't go anywhere right now. And so I looked around our house and decided to fulfill our need of coasters. I had made them in the past for a Secret Santa gift and so was excited to make some for myself.

Does anyone else have a stash of craft stuff that is completely unorganized? I have a whole big box of supplies left over from past projects such as buckets of buttons, extra yarn, lots of scrapbook paper, beads, glue, stamps, paint, etc., etc. Much of it still lives in it's original Hobby Lobby bag, accidentally organized into materials needed for specific projects. My husband actually calls this stash my "crap" box instead of craft box. pfft. 

While I know where everything is in the craft box, it isn't the most neat way to keep things. Anyone have suggestions for organizing such miscellany?

Baby boy took quite the tumble today and it made me feel like a horrible mom. The vision of him falling is running on repeat in my brain and I can't seem to make it go away. He's okay and happy and just has a little bump on his head to show for it but it could have been real bad...Geez, this mom stuff comes with baggage.
Yes, it's a blurry iPhone photo but it's proof that he's happy.                  
Well, that was a nice way to remembered what I did this week. And it only took oooh, 6 hours ago to actually write this post. Life with a small child!

Oh, and you should probably know that the 2014 Sheenazing Awards are being hosted by Bonnie over at a Knotted Life right now. She's probably the best emcee for an awards show, ever (watch out, Tina Fey!) If you want to meet a ton of amazing bloggers and maybe quadruple the length of your Bloglovin'/feedly following list, you probably need to check them out. And right now you can even vote!

Have a great weekend and check out other quick takers for more fun, fun, fun.

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