Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

There's something about a sleeping baby that causes my heart to explode and my soul to calm, all at the same time. No matter how long it took too get him there, when his little hand goes limp and long eyelashes lightly touch the space above those chubby cheeks as his breathing changes to a more audible, almost rhythmic inhale-to-exhale, suddenly all is well in the world. All is perfect in our little world.

This Christmas, I was struck by the lyrics to Away in a Manger in a way that only a new parent could be. Because if lowing cattle had woken up my babe, I'm not sure the outcome would've been the same. "No crying He makes...?" Yup, that teeny little human is definitely also fully God.

Sleeping or awake, what a gift it is to have this little human, who has been entrusted to my care by Jesus himself. A challenging, draining, delightful and life-changing gift. 


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